Does Alex Rodriguez Remind Anyone Of Mark Sanchez?

Last night after starting off 1 for 2 the struggles reappeared for A-Rod.  He waved at a pitch thrown by Darren O’Day way out of the strike zone and grounding out softly his next at bat. After each of these at bats the boo birds just kept growing, and the facial reaction after those at bats was one of sadness and giving up. But that face looked so familiar to me, and after a while I figured that it was the same face that Mark Sanchez has made way too many times this year for the New York Jets.

That face of helplessness is why the outer shells of both of these New York superstars are so similar, but they also have in common that one already has lost his job, and the other is close to losing his job.

Alex Rodriguez was benched today by the Yankees in the sudden death Game 5 vs the Orioles. Instead Joe Girardi decided to “go with his gut” and play Raul Ibañez at the DH position instead. This tells you all you need to know about the confidence Joe has in his “star” player that they will be paying huge sums of money to for the next 10 years. He is helpless and has no clue what to do to get back on track.

On the other hand, after a great week 1 for Mark Sanchez it has gone downhill rapidly for the 4th year QB. Every Jet fan is waiting for him to mature and stop making those rookie mistakes that he continually makes on a weekly basis. It is safe to say that if he does not perform this sunday vs Andrew Luck and the Colts there is chance he will be riding the bench as well.

These two fabricated superstars are both riding in the same direction and maybe Joe Girardi’s move of benching A-Rod gives Rex a reason to bench his starting QB as well

Do you agree that Mark Sanchez and Alex Rodriguez are too similar?