Post Game Thoughts: Jets Beat Rams 27-13

The Jets beat the Rams by the score of 27-13 today improving their record to 4-6 before their game on Thanksgiving night with the Patriots. Lets break down what worked for the Jets

1. Sanchez Better Than Bradford

I thought that this was Sanchez’s second best game of the season ( the best was the game against the Pats in New England). He was going through his reads extremely well and was very accurate today. It would be nice to see this more often from the 4th year QB

Bradford on the other hand was rattled by the Jets. He seemed to be solely looking for Amendola and it really hurt him. The QB play was the most important key to victory for the Jets today

2. Muhammad Wilkerson

Mo Wilkerson really made his presence felt today. He was constantly getting in the backfield, disrupting the run game and Bradford. This was really impressive to see and if he could keep this going, then perhaps they would not have to blitz all the time in order to pressure the QB.

3. Jets Defensive Gameplan Won the Game

Rex Ryan devised an excellent game-plan for stopping the Rams. He put a lot of bodies in the middle of the field and when Bradford was looking for Amendola (which seemed like he was every play), Lankster did not let him get any yards after the catch, which is where Amendola makes his money. I guess you could say that the Jets gameplanning for Welker twice a year really helped the Jets in this game.

What’s Next: Jets will be playing on NFL Network on Thanksgiving Night to play the division rival Patriots at home. More coverage on this game to come tomorrow