Series Wrap: Mets Get Swept By Dodgers

Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

So this is rock bottom (I hope). The Dodgers completed the sweep of the Mets today by winning in extra innings. This loss also put the Mets under the .500 mark for the first time this season. Lets break it down for you:

1. Starting Pitching Needs to Pick It Up

The life of the Mets rode on their excellent starting pitching in the first half of the year. This team has a lot of fight but when Miguel Batista and Johan Santana pitch a combined 6 innings it will usually end up in a loss. the Mets need to get back to getting production from their starting pitching, or there is no chance for a turnaround

2. The Bullpen Is Showing Signs of Life

Up until the 12th inning the Mets bullpen was actually holding it together. Byrdak got 2 huge outs after Niese exited in the 8th. Parnell pitched 2 good innings. Ramon Ramirez pitched a good inning before it fell apart in the 12th. Relievers are not made to go 2 innings so I was pretty sure Ramon was going to give up the game in that situation.

Furthermore in the two games that the starting pitching was terrible the bullpen held their own up until the 9th. Its a start, at least

3. Lucas Duda Has Gone Silent

I don’t remember the last time Lucas Duda did something positive for this team . He is 2 for 15 since the break and was struggling even before the break.  He is continuously looking at pitches he should be swinging at and that puts him in a terrible hole. The Mets need him to get hot if they want more production from their bats.

What’s Next: A 3 game series at home vs the Nationals. If they don’t turn it around this weekend, its possible that the season is over.