Why Jets 2-3 Start This Year Is Different than Last Year’s

From F*ck Yeah Mark Sanchez Tumblr

On the last play of the game Mark Sanchez was looking for a miracle by throwing a pass and hoping to lateral it to the end zone but they could not even get the ball to the receiver. It was a symbol of the whole night. Complete frustration on the offensive side, and a good performance on the defensive side of the ball.

The Jets loss to Houston last night brought them to 2-3 on the season, which happens to be the same record as they had last season after 5 games. Although most people believe that the Jets are doomed like they were last season I see a total different direction from this 2-3 team rather than last year’s team.

The Jets team unity is moving the right way after a loss against the Texans last night. If you remember the Jets went to 2-3 last year after a miserable loss to the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. After the game, Derrick Mason said there were cracks that needed to be fixed, and also later on that week Mahnish Mehta of the Daily News reported that Plax, Tone, and Mason went to Rex to ask for the removal of Brian Schottenheimer.  This year on the other hand, instead of splitting apart, it seems to me like they are coming together. There is no blaming any one person on the team for their loss last night. Instead the Jets are going down together. For example Brian Costello of the New York Post tweeted right after the game that Mark Sanchez went to Jeff Cumberland, who must have been in a very foul mood after dropping the pass that led to the game sealing interception, and told him that he played his ass off. That would not have happened last year. This is a different team that really wants to succeed. Mark Sanchez wants to become the leader of this offense and that simple pat on the back shows me he is working towards doing that.

After the game the talk from the players was all about how they had that game in their hands and gave it up. They continually kept showing disappointment and made sure to express the point that mediocrity is not accepted on this team. Last year the players would blame people for their mediocre play, but this year they are looking for solutions to their problems. Overall though, the fact that they are united excites me as a Jet fan and I know that they will fix the cracks on both sides of the ball that were showed last night.